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Integrity Modeler – Tutorials

Integrity Modeler SysML Tutorial

This tutorial shows you how Integrity Modeler implements SysML and how to construct SysML models.

PTC Model-based Systems Engineering Tutorial

This tutorial shows you how Integrity Modeler implements MBSE with SysML and how variability modeling is used for model-based product lines.  It also shows you how Asset Library can be added to implement asset-based modular design. 

Integrity Modeler – Videos

Model-Based Product Line Engineering

This video provides a four minute introduction to model-based product line engineering, using Integrity Modelers variability modeling and feature selection

Asset-Based Modular Design

This video provides a seven minute introduction to asset-based modular design, with Integrity Modeler and Integrity Asset Library

Integrity Modeler – Related Resources

Integrity Modeler – Independent Reports (.PDF)

This independent report by the Bloor Research analyst group provides an in depth review of Integrity Modeler. Learn more

Integrity Modeler Data Sheet (.PDF) 

Integrity Modeler provides all the design facilities you need to produce high quality systems and software efficiently and quickly. Learn more

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